Justo Solsona - Design and Poetics

Solsona -the most famous Argentine architect in activity- offers us the insight of design process. A true master class in which he analyses and elaborates on the particularities of his method, with great educational value.

A man with wide intellectual clarity, shares his passion on creating Architecture; in a dialog between practical methods and ideas, intuitions and certainties, art and construction, the historical background and the thoughtful and assertive analysis of the present.

Solsona's exceptional knowledge turns this interview into a true legacy of his thinking and ideas.

Miguel Baudizzone - Design and poetics

Owner of a fascinating thought, Baudizzone designs for concepts, for ideas. That is his starting point, the first step in the gestation of his works. And in this interview he shows us how he reaches that key point, and how he projects from there, through the analysis of his most complex buildings.

The way he does it is an exciting intellectual and sensory game. That opens our eyes to a panorama of remarkable creative wealth.

The projective originality of an eclectic architect, with the knowledge of 50 years of career and a work of essential architecture, noble, lasting and high aesthetic values.

Javier Rivarola - Design and poetic

Architect passionate about the act of design, Rivarola analyzes in this interview the beginnings of his creative process. An incessant mental activity that exerts the 24 hours of the day, without excluding certain fruitful stages of the dream.

Man who rescues the power of intuition, his work begins "in the head" -without paper and without sketches-, until reaching the maturation that allows the direct passage to the computer, where the design becomes -now - strict and systematic.

The projective thought of a committed and lucid professional, who maintains that true architecture only occurs when the Poetics appear.

Marcos Amadeo - Design and poetics

Designing as a team, between five architects, is an exciting experience, with a mysterious dynamic, the results of which are due to an unpredictable play of forces, and even, sometimes, to the intervention of chance.

Marcos Amadeo introduces us to his design method in the Monoblock studio, in which reason and intuition play alike, with stages of persistent and methodical good sense and moments of searches and intuitive exaltations that he is not afraid to qualify as "Delirium".

The sensible, cautious and inspired audacity of a young architect with iconic work.

Marcos Amadeo - Delving into poetics

The Poetics of Architecture, as a phenomenon that is gestated in design, could be an abstract experience, difficult to apprehend. However, it is an essential key to true architecture.

In this interview, Marcos Amadeo, a young architect with outstanding work and formative anchoring in the values of the classical, addresses -with emotion, lyricism and clarity- the central areas of this phenomenon. The mystery of how great architects gestates poetic from their creational method, from the privacy of their studies.

A remarkable look that will generate the enthusiasm of those who design when it comes to creating.