About us

Bibliocad, created in 1999, is a library where you can download CAD 2D and 3D drawings and resources to be applied in architecture, engineering, design and the building industry. This library contains “collective knowledge” generated by the contribution of colleagues who send their works to share them with the global community.

Bibliocad has more than 30000 dwg, max and 3D files, among others, grouped into 36 categories.
Bibliocad is a free zone of collaboration between design and building experts and architects. Here you can find drawings for general use, building details, design tools, landscape elements and other resources for professional use. All these resources are in CAD file format or are AutoCAD® compatible.

Our job is to gather technical data for practical use, to inform the users and to publish specific works of the speciality. Contents are users’ contributions, material in free circulation and works made by the Bibliocad’s team.

In the download section you can see 2 types of works: FREE, those which can be downloaded freely, and VIP, those which can only be downloaded by users with the right to VIP downloads.

Bibliocad charges users for VIP downloads, using the funds for the maintenance of the library. If you send your works to be published in the library you will get the right to VIP downloads. The works you send must be a validated by Bibliocad to be allowed VIP downloads. For more information about the sending of works see www.bibliocad.com/conditions/upload/.

Bibliocad has been built periodically since November, 1999 and is updated every week. Between 50 and 100 new files are incorporated in the download section during the weekly updates.

The new files are always incorporated into the system in the “News” section but then they are moved to the corresponding category (when a work enters the database, the file is not erased and it is available for download for an indefinite period or recategorized).

To use this site you must register and log in.
There are two categories of registered users: FREE and VIP.
Being a FREE user is free of charge but you are limited to FREE file downloads.

VIP users have no limitations. You must register to have a FREE Bibliocad account with username and password and then you could turn your account into VIP at your convenience.