Interview to Justo Solsona - Design and Poetics

Justo Solsona -the dean of Argentine architects- offers a detailed outlook on his method for design. An analysis on his way of creating architecture and the particularities of his technique when projecting.

The outcome is a true master class, made from a rigourous perspective of experience of decades in top-level architecture; which results in reflections of great value for professionals and younger generations.

An insight on his ways of conceiving and imagining the multiple buildings in a city. In an arc that goes from housing design to more complex buildings - towers, institutional buildings, etc. His thoughts include a critical analysis on issues such as Globalisation and the Crisis in Architecture, as well as High Density Architecture.

The perl of this interview surely will be its reference to the relation between Architecture, Art and Poetry. He elaborates on the Poetics of Design and also on how big Architecture makes its own process transforming hard data and concrete materials into beauty, ashtonishment and poetry, resembling alchemical mutations

All of these considerations come from a place of conceptual and sensorial richness, from a creator who has lived Architecture intensely and who has thought about it without rest. Also, someone who has embodied all the matters of the profession with great passion. In sum, a unique and privileged perspective that turns this interview into a true legacy of his thinking and ideas.

Architect Justo Solsona

Jujo Solsona is the most famous Argentine architect in activity. His importance in the field is based on his huge work of undisputable relevance, which marked generations of architects. Pioneer of the renovation of Modern Argentine Architecture, to which he provided a rigourous conception of rationalistic profile, he is a man capable of materialising his own personal mark on each building, and capable of sustaining it thoughout decades of professional activity. The city of Buenos Aires is full of undeniable urban landmarks product of his work.

Solsona is a member of Estudio MSGSSS (Manteola, Sánchez Gómez, Santos, Solsona, Salaberry), in Buenos Aires, Argentina.