• We are the most comprehensive library of the International Professional Community for downloading and exchanging CAD and BIM resources for Architecture, Design, Engineering and Construction.
  • A conception of the Design Universe
    as an Unlimited Library.
  • 116.510
    CAD resources for Architecture, Design and Construction
  • We offer an intelligent Engine for
    the Creative Experience in Design.
  • The Knowledge of the Great Architects
    in Exclusive Interviews.
  • Pioneers on the web in the 20th Century
    Leaders in the 21st Century.


The knowledge and thinking of the most relevant architects on key topics of Design, Architecture and Construction, in an exclusive production of thematic and formal high quality.

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A wide catalog of videos that will teach you how to use the most popular design softwares, through the practical resolution of examples of customary use in Architecture and Construction.

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Philosophy aims to enrich the Design and Construction Experience in all its fields by providing a set of Facilitating Tools that make it more solid, secure, simple and efficient. Also offering access to Knowledge and Reflection that stimulate and enhance creativity and professional work

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