TRUJILLO URBANISMO informe.Diagnóstico
Luis Enrique Tineo AncajimaLuis Enrique Tineo AncajimaPeru

The objective of the current situation of downtown chiclayo - develop and disseminate an updated comprehensive assessment; focused on issues of importance and priority for the improvement of urban structure. the field of study is central chiclayo; located northwest of peru; with a latitude of 06 ° 47? and longitude 79 ° 47. the importance of this study is that it has been developed taking into account the main problems facing the city caused by excessive growth and lack of social and political organization as the failure of the 2020 director plan; demonstrating that these instruments were almost always ignored as reference and guiding policies and investment decisions by government authorities. also; becomes a valuable tool for efficient planning of the new center of commerce and services chiclayo as a sustainable city; it will also allow the definition of intervention agendas; to set priorities within the various emerging urban issues .