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On that project the plot was to small(18x13m) where the client`s friends told him that he can`t build in it a house that will accommodate the his family. and after to come for consultation at our office i told him that i will work on it economically as possible. at the begin of my concept i started by responding to zoning regulations where is obligatory to use 5m on front and 3m on others side as setbacks after to respond on that i founded the house will have a maximum of 12mx5m then a started to dived that rectangular of 12mx5m into comfortable living spaces here you will see on my sketches that it had get a living; a dining; kitchen; two bedroom and bathroom. and as the client needed a third room for respond on theirs need of to accommodate his family i was obliged to go on upper floor where i created a master room bath and terrace after that i founded i can create a outdoor seating space on ground floor where i used space for setback by designed verandah and 2 car parking covered with pergolas which gripped with planter for to maximize the greenery.