Tetrafamiliares Housing dwg

In this design tetrafamiliares 2 story housing projects; these households have the following areas: Ground floor: 78m2 and 24m2 construction in green areas (patio). Upstairs: 78m2 of construction with a maximum height of 2.45 free m2; terminate slab housing would consist of: living; dining area; kitchen; laundry; two rooms; 1 master bedroom with bathroom; 1 common bathroom and 1 parking and 1 optional. These modules will be built houses with traditional infrastructure and superstructure construction; 0.10m block. in its internal and 0.15m walls. Respectively in external walls. FINISHING WALLS: The finishes on smooth friezes inside and outside rustic frieze with color clay tablets. Its windows are wide type of laminated glass in color. FLOORS: The outer floors will make its common roadside brushing and interior concrete homes will be of ceramic 30x30 plus external floors of parking to vehicular traffic brushed concrete to be used. ROOF: The roofs are of mixed type of flat slab and covered with smooth frieze; waterproofed with asphalt mantle insulation; unlike the roof is in the common area access stairs will be built gable type their belts and beams in iron tubes Conduven type coated tongue and groove; asphalt mantle and tiles.