Suspension bridge dwg

ACCESS RAMPS Projected in both revenues to the bridge in order to gain height from the flood level. They will be of wood and of cross section identical to the one of the bridge; The supports of the ramps will be constituted by columns; Which will have shoes. CABLES AND GUARANTEES 6x19 boa wire will be used. The diameter to use is? 1?; In a number of two per band. The fasteners will be fixed in the anchoring chamber. ANCHOR CAMS Designed to withstand the tension transmitted to the catches. Each camera will have two anchoring mechanisms; The same that will be constituted by two cnncamos each. The elements that can come in contact with the water will be treated with burned oil in order to avoid corrosion; The dimensions are detailed in the drawings. PENDULES AND CLAMPS The pendulums will be constituted by plain iron of? 5/8