A supermarket is a retail establishment that offers consumer goods in a self-service system, including food; clothes; Hygiene articles; Perfumery and cleaning. These stores can be part of a chain; Generally in the form of franchise; Which may have more headquarters in the same city; state; country. Supermarkets generally offer products at a low price. To generate profits; The supermarkets try to counteract the low profit margin with a high sales volume. Customers who enter a supermarket usually walk with a cart or basket; In which they keep the products they want to buy. The products are divided into sections: toilet; Fresh food; frozen food; drinks; Basics of the home; personal care; etc. These in turn are organized in corridors classified by their nature (cookies, cereals, fruits, meats, etc.). The customer makes the payment in boxes that are located generally in the departures of the establishment. The distribution of sections is very similar in all supermarkets. The intention is for the customer to describe the broadest possible route, so that basic products are placed in different points of the same and; usually; Away from the entrance: meat; fish; Fruits and vegetables; toy store; bread; milk; Water; etc. The furniture with shelves where the products are exposed are called gondolas and its side; Head of gondola. For his part; The frozen and dairy products are exposed in refrigerated cabinets. The marketing part that deals with the techniques of optimizing the sale of products on a self-service surface is called merchandising.