This block denotes the structural details of this building as the material for the construction of the quality of these. the design is oriented to the security and personal facilities of the administrative area; to work comfortably within their facilities. it will have an approximate area of ??1330 m2. the number of personnel in charge in this area is 67 people. the building in the following areas: reception; offices; conference room for 32 people; health; coffee area; we wash telecommunications room; air conditioning room; electricity room; dinning room kitchen; area of ??tables for 56 people; kitchen and storage of office supplies. the building will have air conditioning in all areas; less in the tanks and air conditioning rooms; in the toilets and changing rooms they will have forced ventilation. the detailed structure in this block complies with the necessary and normative security requirements for compliance with the use of said structure. in addition, the details of beams and slabs that make up this structure are like the materials and their quality and resistance.