Standard furniture area studies for hotel rooms 4 stars
Marcos Aguirre GomezMarcos Aguirre GomezMexico

It has furniture proposed for 4 different types of rooms that can be found in a 4 star hotel (single, double, junior suite and master suite); the study is based on measures of furniture as well as minimum circulation and work areas required to function properly; together they form an area in square meters that summed gives the total of square meters that must have a minimum room (the types mentioned above); clarifying that it can be more square meters and not less at the moment of projecting; also attach a standard bathroom with shower for single and double rooms; and a dressing room with tub for the suites. at the bottom of the plot box, it presents the symbology for understanding the study as well as the total sum in square meters. the plot frame is scaled so that it is readable on a 21.6 x 27.9 cm