Design of various environment in ordered and with good circulation;distributed in these environments - plan of distribution a waiting room.two areas of hairdressing: each one contain a wooden bar of 6.70ml. x 0.40 cm. ;and a frontal mirror of 6.70ml x1.50 ml. design for 5 stylists. area of hair washing: with 5 modules for wash area of makeup: with 2vparallel modules divided by cuoboard of melamine 0.50x1.40ml. unit by 2 wood bars of 1.40ml. x0.40ml. and 2 mirrors 1.40ml.x1.60ml. a brides room with a wooden bar of 2.10x0.40ml.and frontal mirror 2.10x1.60ml. an area of pedicure:with a module in wood and leather seats with embedded sinks,dimension of 6.25ml.x1.25 x1.00; h=0.35 on the part of sinks. area od manicure: with wooden table 3.20x0.40;design for 4 persons 4. exclusive area for body treatments with 2 rooms for depilation. a massage room. a hydromassages room . and sshh.terrace with artificial waterfall against the wall . a women bathroom. a men bathroom .a box : with semi-circular module in melamine ;fixed and moving display for beauty. plan of signaling and evacuation for emergency.