Reconstruction and Overhaul Jurassic Park - Querulpa
Pablo Antonio Palomino EchevarriaPablo Antonio Palomino EchevarriaParaguay

The project is located on land querulpa jurassic park; aplao district; castilla province; department of arequipa. the project is conceived as a facility which will help in controlling the space of protected natural areas. in the party adopted this project was due to densify the most important activities in the same main module; without these overlap or create conflicts; for which it was used an open corridor; and it is from this that the various required activities are generated. the more intimate; it takes place on the second level; thus giving the necessary privacy. zoning and use: the project itself; it comprises two zones; one public and one other complementary services. public area is the one given in the first level of the main module. which is divided in two by the entrance hall: administrative zone: find the office and radio. feeding zone: in this; we located the kitchen together with the dining room. private area is given on the second level of the main module. which is accessed via the stairs: in this are the bedrooms and the living library. complementary services area is the other module in the where are the toilets and the laundry: