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This project will be implemented taking into consideration the following characteristics: LAND The land where it will build the building is in a flood zone and almost flat topography. According to the study of soil bearing capacity it has gained 3.20 profundidad.Por to be 0.54kg / cm2 soil bearing capacity. according to the study of soil is diseando the project with piles shungo 6? ; which recommends the rudeness of cimentacina a depth of 1.20m. MORTAR SIMPLE This mortar is used in the Zapatas Solados; with a mixture of a proportion of c: to 1:10 and thickness e = 4? MORTAR ARMED This mortar is used in the Zapatas duty; columns; Cimentacin beams; Slab lightened; Pavers beams; eardrum beams; manholes and elevated tank. The works are executed according to the technical specifications. The desired resistance and used in structural calculations has been f? C = 175 kg / cm2. The structural iron that must be used is a limit creep fc = 4; 200 Kg / cm; the location of the structural distribution and corrugated iron were carried out according to the plans. ALBAILERA In the construction of all walls tubular fired clay bricks are emplearn; rope seated e = 15cm with a proportion of mixture c: 1: 5 every wall plasters; beams; and columns externally and internally Sern both tarrajeados with mortar cement: sand 1: 5 frotachado type of 1.5cm thick and scratched primary stutter where coated with maylica. FLOORS The finishing polished concrete floors be e = 1? mortar 1: 2 in different environments. ZCALOS AND AGAINST ZCALOS In all baos to build a national white maylica zcalo first be placed; to a height of 2.00m from the finished floor. Similarly the zcalos against indoors be 0.20my height of 0.30m outdoors. COVERAGE have been designed wooden trusses Copaiba similar type or dimensions and details Sern chord as indicated in the ceiling plans. Sern belts sawnwood copaiba or the like 2? X3? on which it is placed a cover corrugated calamine 3? x 6 ?. The tijerales Bern anchored to the tie beams by prolongation of corrugated iron bars that nacern of these beams. CARPENTER WOOD All doors edificacin kind Sern; tongue and groove cedar wood type; dimensions and design as well as its location will agree to architectural plans and details. They will have windows Cedros frames type wood; Bern dimensions agree to architectural plans and details; Locksmith all doors inside the building were Forte place a sheet type. In the doors leading to the outside plates were placed two strokes. In the placement of the doors it has placed the use of four hinges 31/2? x 31/2 ?. PAINTING All painted ceiling duty with white latex paint both hands. All interior and exterior walls Bern painted with two coats of latex paint; color decided by the user. FIXTURES In all bathrooms vitrified porcelain toilets were placed national manufacturing; low tank; lavatories also Sern slab national manufacturing vitrified porcelain white. SAL 2 - SYSTEM DESAGE PVC pipes will be used? and 4? in diameter; these lines of desage discharged to a record box 0.50x0.80m then join the network outside desage; where an existing cao evacuate according to what indicated on the drawings. SAP 2 - WATER SYSTEM PVC pipes will be used? and? which recessed They will be cut to the floor slab and walls. Distribution and the location of these pipelines is ejecutarn according to the plans of sanitary facilities. It also indicates that the lack of electric power supply in the town of polyurethane tanks capacity of 1000 lts. be by feeding water through rain gutters znc smooth. SYSTEM evacuation RAINWATER for the evacuation of rainwater is installed on the back side where the tank is located and to supply the higinicos services. Distribution and the location of all networks of pipelines will run as indicated on the drawings of sanitary facilities. Electrical installations for electrical installations were used PVC pipes - 5/8 SEL ?. All pull boxes; light center; outlets; Sern switches distributed and placed according to the planes of electrical installations. It was considered an electric cabinet plastic board with switches that will control circuits outlets; centers light up circuit. Sern cable circuits TW No 14 and 12 and the cable feeding TW No10.