Primary furniture; secondary and direction in 3d dwg

In this file of autocad version 2013; furniture shown in 3d; the most used material is wood; therefore it has its respective texture of varnished wood; it has: pentagonal table whose sides measure 0.70 m with their respective chairs 0.52 m high for initial level. cradle of 1.40x0.80x0.77 m type bars for children of initial. 0.60x0.50x0.53 table and 0.56 m chair; for primary level 1st and 2nd. 0.50x0.60x0.73 table and 0.79 m chair for secondary level of 3rd and 5th. 0.60x1.20x0.75 m platform desk with two drawers for document storage and 0.75 m chair for teachers. 1.20 x0.40x2.00 m cupboard with two wooden frame glass doors; two sliding drawers and three small cushions. 1.25x0.40x1.30 shelf with 6 large and 4 small drawers. closet with two doors 130x0.40x1.75m with 9 medium drawers and a large one. bench with apple-side design of 1.60 m long for initial. corner shelf with projection of decorated tree type of 1.75 m high table of 1.78x0.95x0.82; with turned leg for shelf address of 1.50x0.40x1.90 with three large and 4 medium drawers attached images of each furniture rendered in high resolution image 1280x720 px hdtv of autocad 2018.