Plan of the city of salaverry from the municipality dwg

The salaverry plane; city map and salaverry; salaverry is a locality and peruvian seaport capital of the salaverry district in the metropolitan area of the city of trujillo in the department of liberty. the port is located at 8 ° 13-27- south latitude and a78 ° 59-52- west longitude; it is approximately 14 kilometers from the center of the city of trujillo and is very close to the pan-american highway (8 km) which makes the port easily accessible by road to shippers and receivers (mainly fishmeal; fertilizers; concentrates of minerals; rice; sugar; etc) located within its area of influence. the port influences freedom in the regions; lambayeque; cajamarca; and ancash. it is currently one of the most active commercial ports in the country. geography covers an area of 295; 88 km² and is located 14 km south of trujillo at 8 ° 13'12? south latitude and 78 ° 14´12? west longitude. it has an altitude of 3 meters above sea level. the geographical environment of the salaverry district is arid; typical of the relief of the coast. the only hill that can be seen is the cerro carretas, which is located at 110 meters above sea level. we can also see that the salaverry district has a variable climate. its temperature in winter is almost the same as trujillo; that oscillates in 17-21 ° c and in summer it reaches 33 ° c. regarding the environment; in the south of salaverry we can find migratory birds; carters; pejesapo (this being a traditional fish of the district); in terms of its flora: salty grass and cultivars of the chavimochic project; as they are asparagus; grapes; sugarcane and fruit trees. it has one of the main ports in the country.