Paving detail dwg

The considerations for the project approach; Has been based on the need to have a good access road for better vehicular and pedestrian movement; Regulatory Standards and Tense Aspects; Ie linear motorcycles and motorcycles. As for the paving itself, it is projected as follows: 1. A tread surface of pavers with a length of 993.22 ml. By a track width of 7.30; Formed of type II mortar and paving stones; Of the following dimensions: Concrete Adoquin Dimensions Length: 25.00 im. Width: 12.50 cm. Thickness: 6.00 cm. Minimal compressive strength 28 days: 320 kg / cm2 Minimum tensile strength by flexion 28 days: 50 kg / cm2 2. Bed of sand of 4 cm. Thickness 3. Floor base; Consisting of the following layers: - 1st. Layer: Mortar floor 1:10 (cement - sand); E = 5 cm. - 2nd. Cover: Base A-2-4; E = 25 cm. 4. Sardineles and Artillery mortar fac = 175 kg / cm2; With 3/8