Kevin Peter Condori FloresKevin Peter Condori FloresPeru

Oficinas.para design has assumed the topography; being a condition make the minimum earthworks between cuts and fills by geological characteristics; the cost involved and also ensure that the new infrastructure is integrated into the natural environment. the environments are oriented mostly east to west in order to attract more sunshine and have a temperature range between 18 and 23; except in some specific where no lighting is required. in the process of developing the project takes into account some assumptions such as the characteristics of the furniture; with which the environments which will be acquired later equated; ergonometric and anthropometric measurements; plus the number of users that occupy these environments; likewise the rules laid down by national building regulations that enable optimal development of different activities; himself in the design proposal has prevailed functionality of the building facing the formal criteria. the proposed design considers environments generate a climate suitable for the user to cope with comfort; for it; building is oriented east-west and has proposed a sun in the middle of the infrastructure (coverage stairs); thus taking advantage of the insolation and lighting as many hours as possible and achieve through better comfort glazed areas within the entire building .