Multifamily housing

Multifamily housing on the land area described is designed multifamily building project; consisting of two towers; one with nine levels and one with 5 levels; as distribution is described as follows: first floor: on the total land area has been built only 1465.00 m2; admission to the first tower is schrader street. then we left right entering the parking located in the basement. entering the multifamily found 4 apartments in this block; to the bottom we have a common area where furniture playgrounds are located; the second tower is accessed by entering located on the walkway overlooking the park. in this block there are four apartments on the first floor. second floor: after access through the staircase in common use; we reach the second level; in tower a are three departments and four apartments type b flat and one duplex. this is repeated in the next four floors. fifth floor: on this floor we place the common area that can be accessed from the two towers; at this level are the gym; multipurpose room; a game room; grill area and a pool of 1.50m deep. sixth; seventh; eighth and ninth floor. exclusive levels of the tower b; tower occupies an area of ??805m2