Multifamily building
Zoran KesicZoran KesicBosnia and Herzegovina

The building belongs to the group of residential and commercial buildings. conceived as a residential with commercial premises on the ground floor and two levels associated garage. on the ground floor are two commercial spaces commercial or administrative purposes. admission for residents is from the west; as well as access to the underground two - storey garage from the street. garage has a capacity of 57 parking spaces. the inner courtyard is intended for the needs of the tenants and is accessed through the entrance to the staircase. the building was built in the skeletal system; and ab represents a set of reinforced concrete walls; pillars slabs and beams. in the central part there are two staircases with lifts connecting all floors vertically from level - 2 to the deck. stairs are also the reinforced concrete core; which are used to brace the building. based on counter - slab; beneath the surface of the whole object d = 80 cm. the exterior walls are made of brick blocks thermal insulated facade expanded polyester processed final facade mortar color. external hardware is aluminum glazed thermal glass. processing of internal space is common for this type of facility. the roof is a flat part impassable; partly passable. rooms in the house are designed and arranged in accordance with the purpose of the facility and the needs of the functions of the facility. at the level of - 2 is designed garage with 29 parking spaces and sprinkler station and storerooms for tenants; the level - 1 designed the garage with 28 parking spaces and storerooms for tenants. the ground floor has two offices with entrances for tenants and the entrance ramp to the garage. the floors are projected six apartments of different sizes; of which four are on the vertical communication k1; and three on the vertical communication k2. on the roof of the building provided the boiler and out of the two sets of stairs. stairs go to the roof allowing escape route through the roof.