Mercedes f1 team 3ds

Mercedes f1 team formerly known as mercedes amg petronas f1 team is a formula 1 team led by the german automotive company daimler ag; through its mercedes - benz brand. it was formed in the 30s and participates in formula 1 in 1954 and 1955. on november 16, 2009; with the announcement of the purchase of the team champion of the 2009 season brawn gp; announces its return to formula 1 by mercedes from 2010. with this acquisition; mclaren (so far ;partner of the star brand in formula 1) is simply a team that hosts the german engines; mercedes - benz will also sell 40% of its shares in mclaren; which will be bought by the woking team. it was planned that; for 2011; mercedes totally disassociated with mclaren in terms of ownership of the team but this did not happen until 2014; this being the last year of mclaren with a mercedes.5? 6 engine? the chassis and engine are built by mercedes. daimler ag is the company that owns the team.7? the team has nico rosberg and 7-time world champion michael schumacher in their ranks; which marks the return to the category of the multiple champion since his retirement in 2006. its director is toto wolff; replacing ross brawn (2010 - 2013). from 2013; the wheel of michael schumacher passes into the hands of lewis hamilton; who in the 2014 and 2015 season proclaims world champion.