Map of health centers - chimanes san borja dwg

Health center plans chimanes san borja; in the complementary works, activities were carried out within the prescriptions and technical specifications of the project from the initial items as installation of tasks. in the polyfunctional court, the cord of 2 runs was executed along with the reinforced concrete folder, tuned with an advance of half the court. in the bleachers module the excavation activities were executed; foundation of tubular load brick according to the technical specifications in addition to the plaster and lightened slabs with pre-stressed joists for the assembly of the bleachers. in the shed module the excavation activities for the shoes of the shed were executed; filling and compacted earth; poor concrete base to assemble reinforced concrete footings and columns; metal plate anchor according to the plans; the gantry structure with a coastal profile, together with the 12 mm tensioners and the galvanized caisson roofing n ° 28, including the belts in the places indicated in the architectural plans.