Autocad 2018 dinujo in autocad for garbage and space for decarring and garbage loading garbage truck is a waste collection vehicle; it is a truck specially designed to collect small amounts of waste and is thrown to landfills and other treatment or recycling facilities. they are of general service used in commercial and industrial companies with large plastic waste containers with lids (buckets or trash cans). recycling bins being the smallest version of the home (united kingdom)). the truck is equipped with an automated front fork that the driver carefully aligned with the sleeves in the waste container using a joystick or a set of levers. the waste container stands on the truck. once it reaches the top of the container it is then flipped upside down and the waste or recyclable material is emptied into the vehicle's hopper. once the waste is poured; that is compacted with a large blade called a knife-packer that pushes the waste to the back of the vehicle. most of the newer ones have - they move in a hydraulic way; which allows the driver to create a package of loads while driving; which allows faster route times.