Ford 1941 3ds

The ford 1941; was a vehicle manufactured by ford motor company in the united states; from the year 1941. the model of ford 1937 that was manufactured until the year 1940; leaves its place to the ford 1941; totally different in its design; this new model was much bigger and with very well established static lines. ford brings it to market with two types of engines; the classic v - 8 and the six cylinders in line. it was a faster vehicle than those created before; the suspension was improved; as well as in their comfort; making him a quieter and softer car; since insulation systems and springs were introduced in the seats to allow greater sumptuousness. the lines were wraparound and rounded. the starter key had a locking system with the steering wheel; to give him security; in addition to the electric start had a lever; which could be used to undo the wheel nuts and to give manual start in case the battery was dead; it was inserted into a small hole in the front of the vehicle; allowing the motor to be coupled; this manual start system had a safety release.