Fire sprinkler hanger details dwg

Various individual details of hangers used to support fire sprinkler piping. top beam clamp beam clamp for z perlins bar joist with nut and washer concrete drop in anchor ceiling flange detail 2 hole strap hanger toggle nut detail coach screw detail eye socket detail concrete eye socket detail u bolt detail u bolt detail 2 trapeeze hanger detail trapeeze hanger detail 2 pipe stand detail riser clamp detail cst 20 concrete anchor swc concrete anchor gst 20 concrete anchor swg 20 concrete anchor dstr z purlin anchor swxp 35c or z perlin anchor tek 50 anchor swd 10 bar joist anchor xp 20 metal deck anchor sh - tek 50 steel anchor dst 1 or 518 metal deck anchor sh - gst/cst 30 wood anchor sh - dstr 20 gauge steel anchor sh - tek 50 anchor