Exhibitor of potato dwg

French fries exhibitor of french fries or used in spaces for use of quick meals; order to show the public such food. the exhibiting is made of stainless steel plates; open to keep to a hot potato chips temperature; how it works and turn to the public display. this element has the following dimensions: 885 x 890 x 1020 mm 2.6kw / 13amp 230v 50hz. it conforms as an element vertical; with a glass panel to your right side; some dividing plates. on its media it is made up with some departments and steel bottom drawer side by a horizontal. this contains castors. ? keeper of potato pedestal; ideal for fast food shops; restaurants; casinos; among others. temperature keeps products through the operation of lights infrared. built in stainless steel. easy to use and clean. palette includes for delivering on the cambuchos potato chips.