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This; is a project for residential use; which will be inhabited by a heterogeneous household for age and sex. the building; with classical typology; consists of two distinct nuclei in their function; projected on two mid-level terraces and interconnected by a covered walkway: social area and intimate area. the social area has a total area of ??71; 81 m2 constituting 18; 18% of area of ??occupancy of the land. the intimate area has an area of ??113; 38 m2; representing an occupancy rate of 28; 70%; for a total of 185; 19 m2 which constitutes 46; 88% of total construction area. background removal four meters (00 m 4) is established; a green area in the central axis with an average of five meters (5; 00 m) by the total width of the plot and a withdrawal from front of six meters (6; 00 m) that serve together for better lighting and ventilation natural of all and each of the spaces within the dwelling. the spatial resolution; aims at adapting the building to the topography as well as achieving the basic needs of the family. the project will involve three levels: level ± 0.00; formed by the area of ??services: mainly constituted by the parking area and spaces for storage of gas; dumpster; hydropneumatic trunk. these develop continuous facing retirement. ? the first core of the building is projected onto two terraces to medium. level 1; 26; shaped by the social housing area; consists of the porch; main hall and living room. at level 2; 70 of this nucleus is the kitchen; dining room and a toilet. ? the second core is kept on the level 2; 70 and constitutes the intimate zone of the building and consists turn by being intimate / tv room; the master bedroom with walk in closet and private bath; two rooms; overall bathroom; further corridor and crafts room .