Content: 06 architectural sheets (plants, cuts and elevations + topography and location) blueprint of the integral design workshop 7 drawing of autocad version 2007 description: the project is located on a considerably steep slope; which will be a key condition for the design approach. the project is distributed in 3 public facilities: health center (1 floor) + communal room (2 floors) + initial education center (2 floors). the design begins with the health center, which is made up of the areas of: nurses station; diagnosis aid; waiting room; operating rooms; external consultation; technical medical circulation; and administrative area. leaving the health center through the ramps, an open public space is located; which leads to the communal room which has the following distribution: first level: hall; reception; social care; glass of milk; cradle / nursery; second level staircase: staircase; hall; administration; sh; space for remembrance; dining room and a multipurpose room. continuing with the route when leaving the communal place is the avenue santa cruz which takes us to the center of initial education; with the following zoning: entrance hall; administration; cafeteria; open private space; sh children; sh teachers; kindergarten; game room; classrooms; drawing and computer workshops; library; stairs and sewing and crafts workshops. autocad - dwg

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