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Concepcion project description: the following criteria for the development of the project were taken into account: been taken into account concepts such as natural ventilation and lighting. 2.aprovechamiento higher solar incidence; for as long as possible. 3 back and overhead lighting by way of heat collectors and the altar considering cosmetic necessity. 4.consideración both formal and functional integration with the environment is proposed as a basis for building colors white and stone veneer combined with face brick. 5 the proposed design considers the environment to generate an adequate environment for parishioners can cope with minimal thermal comfort; for it; has located the main windows to the north. it has taken into account the need to reflect and make a mark in the area as the sample of mine sillustani relationship with peña azul sa community; it is particularly emphasize the volumes; with a proportionality in the facade based on prime. income is to separate the front porch with stone veneer; in a clear intersection of the solid volume with surrounding transparent; this is located in the center of the main facade; the income is not only hierarchical but the volume of a structure that deepens the act of entering; the same way that a frame takes us inland. the project is self-authorship