BUILDING 8 floors
Ian Chuquillanqui DionicioIan Chuquillanqui DionicioPeru

Building multi building basement floor roof 7; has 2 floors (1st floor basement) of parking; 7 mini 3 bedrooms apartments; kitchen - laundry; room - dining room; 2 ss.hh .; the building has stairs and evacuation 3 lifts; the project has good dimensional distribution plans; table vanos; 8 cortes; 1 front elevation of the building; foundation plans detailing foundation brake and beams; plans lightened beams and columns encofrados with details; beams; beams banked; beams chatas; etc; facilities planning of electric lighting has plans; outlets; communications well calculated load table and diagrams unifimalres; health facilities planning solar; plans and cold water hot water; planning and drain vents with pending calculated