Brazilian Library
Claudia Eliana Salas MenaClaudia Eliana Salas MenaBolivia

The library seeks to highlight the silhouette of the landscape through 3 generating ideas - culture; cultivation and domesticity - does not throw any sanitary or pluvial waste to the municipal network; protects the natural superior drains incorporating them to the landscape the wagons: bodies dedicated to the stock and reading with free circulations; but above all with proximity to books and reading tables; such as happens functionally in a house and its domesticity to have things within reach. its structure is very practical to increase; modify or reproduce within the same terrain or serve as a model for other places within the university and even outside it. the central courtyard offers besides lighting; a triple function between the context of the building and the nature: 1 to be located from the access are observed as the two sides of glass works as an alley ending with a natural monticulo on the outside; 2 observing from the wagons to the offices of managers is appreciated the building as if it were from outside without leaving it; and last 3 ?) to be located from the last wagon towards the access is observed as a central courtyard confined with a tree of the region called - rain of gold; it is thus as a silhouette allows the viewer depending on their position: to see a street or alley; a building from the outside; or a central courtyard; that was the generative idea that ended in the form of gout