Bar service module dwg

The project was developed using bim software; exported in 2010 version dwg format, the proposal for a commercial environment already built was elaborated with a total surface area of 13m2 and a height of 2.80m to intervene; obeying the attention of a maximum of 12 people; between sitting and standing. this file consists of: -architectural floor plan; cuts; elevations; perspectives of part of the furniture and delimiting structure. considering as to the structure of a bearing character; materials such as galvanized metal and the architecture of the module has the following elements: -furniture: tables; chairs; according to bars for the user; cup holders; display unit and / or counter for staff use. all based on melamine and galvanized metal. -allegorical elements such as braided ropes. -household appliances for storing and making cocktails; and to complement the proposal; the following are included: -sound equipment and a 45 "tv, described in the legend box attached to the file.