The next project is located in the resort of Pimentel district belonging to Chiclayo Peru. The rooms are arranged on two levels. Access to the first level is from the boardwalk through a circulation accompanied by green areas and benches with parasols enclosure to mitigate the sun; the main entrance leads first to the administrative area where tourist help environments are as complex administrative tasks are also performed. Well the main entrance leads to a small square from which you can access different areas such as convention area and additional area. In the convention area is the sum with a capacity of 250 people which has a deposit; trade and technical fourth production booth; the press room with capacity of 50 people which has sound booth and a deposit and the auditorium with a capacity of 500 people which has foyer; box office; room; scenario; sshh; sitting area and services for exhibitors. In additional there is a snack area with capacity of 250 persons which has its own service area and terrace area. On the first level there is also a vehicular entrance which faces the street Santa Rosa with a capacity of 250 cars and 01 Street is a service entrance which gives the general services of the complex. In the second level in the convention area is a showroom with a capacity of 80 people; a conference room with dividing walls which allows the hall becomes 3 rooms with a total capacity for 800 people this has a removable stage; projection booth and sound booth; conference room and exhibition hall share a terrace and two living rooms; so also is the second level of the auditorium which has foyer; Control; Registry cleaning room; airlock; anteroom; mezzanine and sshh; This contains three blocks from the foyer staircase one; another from the living room and other emergency. In the additional area is a cafeteria with kitchen and terrace services. In the complex third level only it arises in the auditorium which has sound booth; lighting; projection; staff room and rehearsal room. The complex has two blocks of external stairs and 4 bathrooms batteries; two on the first level and two in the second. Conventions in the double wall has been raised in some cases and in others the use of acoustic panels to isolate noise; likewise the architectural complex is properly structured. Audience development in plants and cuts also arises; fully structured and finished box.

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