Aesthetic clinical center dwg

This building will be planted on a rectangular type and zoning is an area of ??2,671; 14 m2; this building will be equipped with basic services road; sidewalks; curbstones; water; sewer and electricity). access and circulation: the main unit of the building by pedestrian access through an inlet at the side or (central) main facades. their vehicle access comes through an area of ??vehicular receipt or by a ramp into the basement level where the parking is located. vertical to access these levels communication via two emergency stairs and 3 lifts leading to all floors two lifts located in the central part of the building and the other elevator at one end in the west wing of the building. each block has a circulation distribution hall and waiting area and information. the internal circulation of the building at each level is carried by two access areas which are connected by two main corridors. 6. formal proposal volumetrica the formal model? volume of the proposal respect the heights and dimensions according township zoning ordinance san diego; appearing as salient elements glazed volumes towards its ends and in the middle to guide their hierarchy of importance in terms of access and visual accomplished in open rooms and hall of distribution spaces. this building is designed to be easy to read about the role as a clinic with the most advanced surgical techniques and aesthetic care. in addition to building acquires uniqueness projected by projecting volumes; they create a play of shadows; empty and filled in the main facade are repeated this outgoing through see light in marquees panoramic windows mode. 7. distribution of plants (levels). after an analysis and consultation in instances related to this type of project; preliminary space schemes and tentative program areas are presented; but pretty close to the final draft. this distribution project (4) levels is the product of the conditions of application laid down in the ordinance of zoning and spatial needs analysis and operation of this specific project and likewise to the limitations of area and shape of the resulting field. the proposed level (0 00m) street level where the main entrance is through the side ends or the center is taken.