1950 nash ambassador 3ds

Nash motors; first use of the name ambassador was during the model year 1927 when a four-door sedan version was developed; of five passengers; specially arranged; of the nash advanced six (designated model 267). as the most expensive car in the line; the ambassador received premium improvements in upholstery and other trim items. exports accounted for almost 11% of nash39 output in 1927; and the cars were bought by several royal families. for example; prince william; duke of sidermanland of sweden and norway personally visited the nash factory in kenosha; wisconsin; in 1927; and workers of the scandinavian factories pronounced their nash ambassador six (model 267) four-door brougham sedan. the ambassadors model lost its position as 39s most expensive car in 1929 with the introduction of the seven-passenger sedan and limousine models that were brought through the 1934 model year.