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Bibliocad is a Vision of the Future. A Conception of the Universe of Design in the form of an Unlimited Library. An Engine for the Creative Experience in four essential areas of the world of production: Architecture, Design, Engineering and Construction A Generator Nucleus that produces and offers Intelligence and Technology for Design as a battery of concrete solutions, enabling its synthesis for New solutions. A Platform that collects the chosen and selected Thinking of a Professional Community. A Concept made reality through Creativity and Synergy, offered to the creative and productive game of the minds.

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Bibliocad Staff

Director, Creator and Library Management, Hector Reitmann

Hector Reitmann

Director, Creator and Library Management

Webmaster, Web Design and Development, Tomas Reitmann

Tomas Reitmann

Webmaster, Web Design and Development

Marketing y SEO, Lucas Reitmann

Lucas Reitmann

Marketing y SEO

Programming, Development and Networks, Gustavo Galvan

Gustavo Galvan

Programming, Development and Networks

Communication, Image and Contents, Gustavo Wagner

Gustavo Wagner

Communication, Image and Contents

Programming and Library Reviewer, Fernando Oriani

Fernando Oriani

Programming and Library Reviewer

Community Manager and Portuguese Interface, Leidiane Carvalho

Leidiane Carvalho

Community Manager and Portuguese Interface

Library Reviewer, Emilia Lascano

Emilia Lascano

Library Reviewer

Library Reviewer, Alejandro Loyola

Alejandro Loyola

Library Reviewer

Graphic Design, Loreley Flores

Loreley Flores

Graphic Design