Two family house

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The project is limited to a two-family house on a small plot of 6 meters wide, consisting of two families who reside in the area. Taking advantage of the slope, we have designed a purely cellar to deposit, as families are trading. On the first floor is distributed the first family with a tent and a car port. The social area is made up of a small dining room, a kitchen and service their respective Patio, taking a well of light coming from the top. Towards the bottom, is located the intimate zone, consisting of two bedrooms and a bathroom. No Longer a light well for lighting and ventilation of the respective bedrooms. At the second level, is distributed the 2nd house, completely independent of the one located on the lower level, by the provision of a ladder that comes from the first level, consists of the master bedroom and the dining room in the front, with its own bathroom, in the central part distributes the service area; kitchen courtyard and staircase that leads to the roof area. In the background, are located two bedrooms with their respective toilet.