The multifamily housing building nisperos

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Bbuilding multifamily apartments with areas between 62 and 120 square meters with the characteristics of performance and housing services to a captive market in the area. The building has a basement level will house parking and services located at level - 2, 80 - then the ground floor level which houses the main entrance and some parking lots (at 0, 00). Then there is the plant type 1 (PT - 1, Level 2, 80) which houses two apartments plus a concierge and a meeting room. Then develop 8 floors with four apartments per floor. Finally level 11 where they are located which are two penthouses and duplexes. In the apartments most important spaces that make the apartments are disposed toward the visual field - The apartments are made up as follows: have a bedroom with private bath - a study area and kitchen and service area living - dining room and terrace. The building has a vertical circulation system that serves all the apartments and has two lifts - emergency stairs - hall.