Richard neutra - sidney kahn residence; telegraph hill

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- About the residence: Richard Neutra's Kahn House at 66 Calhoun Terrace was designed and built 1939/40 for businessman Sidney Kahn. Private and severe from the street; the house opens up to spectacular views of the bay. enovations by Scott Bromley; an architect who was tremendously successful with Minimalism in 1980's and who seems to have done a respectful job. Kahn asked for the entertaining space to be on the top floor; served by a curving stair plus an elevator with shelving to transport both persons and drinks. Unlike Neutra's other houses in San Francisco; this one has the classic bands of window and stacked boxes and terraces that were his signature. The cliffside garage is next door and next to that; 42 Calhoun Terrace; the home of Diego Rivera and Frieda Kahlo for a few months in 1940. Union Street dead - ends here; and down though the remains of public steps that may have once gone to Sansome Street is a garden and view worth seeing. Plus parrots. - About the drawings: These drawings were made for a faculty assignment. Every elevation is in 3D; with a complete 3D model. Also there are cross - sections and views on every facade.