Plant for canning fruits and vegetables

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It is an industrial project by setting up a productive business model; solidarity; inclusive; democratic and training; positively affect the stability of farming; help alleviate poverty and improve the quality of community life of fruit and vegetable producers in a socio - sustainable environmental and corporate social responsibility. For them the design is proposed; construction and operation of a prototype modular production system for processing Horticultural products originating in the department of Nariño; applying process standards that maximize productivity and generate canned adjusted to the NTC quality standards and food safety. Design surveying the modular physical plant: Block 1 - Administrative area and research. Block 2 - Plant process. Block 3 Area auto maintenance and solid waste management. Block 4 Area Electrical power substation. Block 5 Area Wineries finished product and cooling of fresh produce. Treatment plant pure water. Treatment plant wastewater 8 m3 / day. Treatment plant sludge. Laboratory research to product development and quality control. Access road. Patio and maniobras.Estacionamiento pathways for workers and visitantes.Jardinería and greenery. Architectural Design Eco - landscape. Architectural surveying; Industrial; Hydraulic; health; electricity; industrial fluid; location; cuts and facades; roads and rail yard; parkland. DESIGN SPECIFICATIONS: Total area: 1,100 m2 total floor area: 497; 88 m2 process plant area: 197; 22 m2 Installed capacity: Input: 40 tons of fresh produce to process / añoSalida: 610,000 units retains 500 ml /año.Almacenamiento:8 m3 cold. Líne process: multifunctional alternative to fresh produce; Online salty and sweet line. System: modular prototype total human Talent: 12 workers. Population directly benefited: 16 producer groups. Strawberries.