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Winter service: Neri Stivaletti (amphibian boots during magazines; uniform winter service parades or honorable services); With the shoulder strap (expressly prescribed for officers, sergeants always marshals and chiefs) and diagonals (for the rest of the staff). And then a version of the special winter service for the departments located in areas of cold weather; Which includes the blue reversed neck sweater and heavy jacket with inner lining. The sweater; Can replace the Uniform summer postal service shirt, even in the public order; Patrolling; jokes; Rodeos; Translations; Of values ??and pickets; As well as by the military of the mobile radio nuclei; Motorcyclists; And embarked on a horse; With apportune variants. If the departments are more than one thousand meters above sea level; also; The uniform is completed with: knitted wool cap; Ski and combined ski boots (for skiers); Mountain boots; Blue balaclava and leather gloves with hand reinforcement.