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Forest? Montes Reserve Virgin ?; It corresponds to the dunes of Lambayeque that brindabricas located in the proximity. 2. For its extension service contributes to environmental soil; avoiding erosion of the area; and creating green areas inside with native species. The diagnosis made with participation of the directors of the Regional Government Lambayeque; Municipality of Lambayeque and institutions and population-related area of ??influence of the project; it has been determined that the main problem afflicting the area of ??interest is the deterioration of soil environmental service; the same is due to the constant extraction of aggregates (sand); in the process causing deforestation of individuals of carob; vichayos; otros.n between different environmental services; among which may be mentioned the following: 1. For its high altitude; (Which comes to have an altitude of 50 meters) it serves as a natural barrier; generating a microclimate to the town of the city of Lambayeque; by filtering the particulate material .