Bridge construction and improvement of access roads

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Plans of a beam-slab bridge which includes plans Location map U - 1.; FLOOR PLAN? Slitting; CUTTING AND LIFT UP FLOOR; Plane Cross Section V - 3; FLOOR PLAN AND RAILS SUBSTRUCTURE P - 1; PLANT superstructure P - 2; GENERAL APPROACH P - 3; PROTECTION PLAN WORKS? GAVIONES G - 1; MAP OF CROSS SECTIONS OF SECTIONS GAVIONES G - 2; MAP INFORMATION SET signaling structure? 1; MAP signaling structure PREVENTIVE SET? 2; which has a span of 20 meters with their details at different levels is a complete project of a bridge girder slab; besides access comprising a flexible pavement; with the conformation from the sub base razonte 0.30 m; sub base of 0.30 m 0.05 m asphalt also has its respective planes signage and artwork.