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Architectural project building with 2 Towers - Area Terrain total=2;694 m2. San Isidro Lima - Peru - 2010)use offices Commerce 7 basements; 15 Pisos and terrace; sections; elevations; details of baths and square TOWER 1=1;200 m2 BUILT; 6 Elevatorsr; 4 Stairs (1pressurized staircase); Hall elevators; 6 Bathrooms by level (2SH Manss; 2 SH womans;2SH Disables; 2rooms for UMA Aire Acond.; 2room Stanchions; 2 pipeline trash . TOWER 2=550 m2 BUILT; 4 ELEVATORSs; ; 2 STAIRCASES (1 PRESSURIZED STAIRCASE); Hall elevator ;3bathroom by level (1SH mans; 1 SHwoman;1SHDisables; 1 room for UMA Aire Acond.; 1 room of stanchions; 1 Pipeline trash. In terrace the Electrical Substacion ;Generator Set; Board room ;Water punps and equipes(Chillers; Cooling towers; Expansion tanks)for conditioning air.