Monstera deliciosa dwg

Nome cient?fico: monstera deliciosa nomes populares: costela - de - ad?o; abacaxi - do - reino; banana - do - mato; ceriman; monstera fam?lia: araceae categoria: trepadeiras clima: equatorial; subtropical; tropical origem: am?rica do norte; m?xico altura: 6.0 a 9.0 metros; 9.0 a 12 metros luminosidade: meia sombra ciclo de vida: perene the specific epithet deliciosa means delicious; referring to the edible fruit; while monstera means monstrous; in reference to the sheer size that this plant can grow to?over 30 feet in many cases. common names include fruit salad plant; fruit salad tree (in reference to its edible fruit; which tastes similar to a fruit salad);[2] ceriman; swiss cheese plant (or just cheese plant); monster fruit; monsterio delicio; monstereo; mexican breadfruit; locust and wild honey; windowleaf; balazo; and penglai banana.[3] the names in spanish (costilla de ad?n) or portuguese (costela - de - ad?o) or french (plante gruy?re) refer to the change of the leaves from entire to fenestrated (comparing it in the first case with the ribs of adam and in the second with the hole - filled gruy?re cheese). in mexico; the plant is sometimes referred to as pi?anona.