Open store steel structure strengthened

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STORE OPEN FOR MINE; ALL STEEL STRUCTURE; It is located in a length of 25 MX 4.50 M AREA; 4 planes is located in the foreground; IN WHICH THE CEILING TYPE detailed with belts and profiles SUPPORT IS CALCULATED AS RESISTANCE FOR GAS LEAK OR EXPLOSION WHICH THE CASE IS A SUPER STRUCTURE; IN THE PLANE N ° 02 ARE DETAILED SECTIONS AND DETAILS OF CONNECTIONS BETWEEN profiles and steel pipes that anchor the structure further LIFT HOLDING; AND IN THE PLANE THAT DO NOT BE DESCRIBED AS DIFFICULT THE METRADO all metallic structures leading; IN THE PLANE N ° 03; MECHANICAL PLANE WITH DETAILS OF THE STRUCTURE IN HEIGHT between metal structures such as trusses and joints of metal studs; AND IN THE FINAL PLAN No. 04 details the type of coverage and CRUCES CARRYING ON A ROOF OVER MORE METRADO INCLUDED IN THE PLANE.