Industrial rice plant is the second most produced cereal in the world; behind corn.3 because corn is produced for many purposes other than human consumption; it can be said that rice is the most important cereal in human nutrition and that it contributes very effectively to the caloric intake of the current human diet; it is the source of a fifth of the calories consumed in the world.4 since 2008; rationing has taken place in some countries due to the high cost of rice.5 in countries such as bangladesh and cambodia it can represent almost three quarters of the population's food.6 many hectares are devoted to rice cultivation in the world . as well as in the dominican republic, rice is part of the traditional dish of that island and is grown on a large scale in the north of the island. it is known that 95% of this crop extends between the 53º parallels; north latitude; and 35º; south latitude. its origin is the subject of controversy among researchers; it is debated whether it was in china or in india.