Multifamily building
Zoran KesicZoran KesicBosnia and Herzegovina

The building is designed in a simple architectural masses that do not impair the existing environment and contribute to the visual qualities of the area. the building outlines are adjusted views of existing buildings; making changes along the floors of the building. finishing facade is designed as a thermal insulation demit facade on two levels 0.10 and 0.12. the facade will be painted in shades of gray to the final definition of the designer. open the fa?ade will be processed and closed with aluminum and pvc locksmith in gray with insulated glazing. construction of the building is concrete made of reinforced concrete poles; walls; canvases; beams and reinforced concrete slab. stairs and elevators are located in the reinforced concrete core; which provide horizontal support facility. foundation of the building was carried out on reinforced concrete cons panel that is covered under the constructive part of the project. all dimensions of the structural system are also defined in the constructive phase. the roof is flat with all the necessary layers. parts of the flat roof above the first floor are connected apartments on the second floor as a terrace. the rest of the flat roof is accessible via common stairs. finish the roof lining are concrete slabs.