With the new gallardo lp560 - 4; lamborghini once again sets a higher standard for super sports cars. with its new engine; permanent four - wheel drive transmission and new suspension; it delivers clearly improved performance and dynamics. in parallel; its innovative design takes the classic lines unique to the lamborghini brand one step further. powerful elegance has never been so defined before. the gallardo lp560 - 4 is the successor of the most successful lamborghini model of all time. approximately 7100 gallardo models have left the sant?agata bolognese production plant since its launch in 2003. ?the lp560 - 4 will consolidate this success story;? states stephan winkelmann; president and ceo of automobili lamborghini. ?it will outclass its predecessor in every aspect; its dynamics are distinctly breathtaking and its design sets new standards. with the introduction of the gallardo lp560 - 4; we will consistently continue lamborghini?s growth strategy?. brakes by ad9 and minor difference is the front bumper (my apologizes for the long halt; college and left 4 dead has demanded the most of my time; and as i come back; i see many have locked their models; which i shall not do to any of my models since it contradicts the meaning of sharing; which is my main goal throughout this warehouse.)